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We take great pride in supplying our Perth customers with a superior range of residential and commercial carpets.

Wool, sisal, loop-pile…we have it all.

We source our carpet flooring from top Australian and international brands such as Beaulieu Australia, Classic Flooring, Embleton, Premium Floors, Godfrey Hirst and Signature Floors.

Benefits of Carpet
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Carpet provides excellent insulation value to a space, much more than hard surface flooring materials such as tiles.

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Have you ever noticed that after a period of time spent standing or walking on ceramic tiles or concrete, your body is sore and achy? Hard surfaces are just that: hard.

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Sound carries much further when there is no carpet in the space. Sound bounces off hard surfaces such as tiles and can create an echo in the room. Carpet can absorb sound to provide a quieter environment.

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Hard surfaces such as tiles can be slippery and dangerous. Carpet not only provides a soft landing surface, it can also help to prevent some falls in the first place, particularly on stairs. Especially if you have elderly residents in the home or occupants with mobility issues. A correctly selected carpet can assist safety by preventing falls.

View our extensive product range and more information from some of our quality manufacturers.

Have You Considered Carpet Tiles?

Not only are modern carpets more elegant and attractive than ever before, but thanks to the invention of carpet tiles, installing them has never been easier.

You can find the best of these residential and commercial Carpet Tiles in Perth by visiting Osborne Park Carpets Perth and Timbers today. Perfect for high traffic areas that can easily be changed out.

What are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet Tiles are squares of carpeting that can be put together in a seamless, modular fashion.

This makes installation much neater and more precise than ever before, as it allows the carpeting to be customised to the exact dimensions of even the most unusually sized space.

When you compare this with the giant carpet rolls, you can immediately see which one makes for a more convenient choice.

In the past, an accidental spill or scorch mark on a carpet meant that you had to shuffle around furniture to cover the offending spot or remove the entire room’s carpets and replace it.

With carpet tiles, you can simply remove the offending squares and replace them in no time at all.

Most tiles come in low pile variations, meaning they’re tightly packed and don’t rise very much. This means that it’s much harder for dirt to penetrate and for stains to take hold.

This not only will reduce your time spent cleaning, but it will also keep your home hygienic, even if you have a household full of pets and children or run a busy office with a never-ending stream of foot traffic in and out of it.

Many people with allergies or breathing issues can happily function in a room with this type of carpeting as it traps less dirt, keeping the quality of air in the room less affected.

With a virtually unlimited number of colours and patterns available in the Osborne Park Carpets and Timbers’ range of carpet tiles, you can create any kind of residential or commercial carpeting look you choose.

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